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Leyma Design Studio branding posters
Leyre San Miguel and Matthew Townsend, owners of Leyma Design Studio

Leyma is a Basque Country based, globally oriented, design studio with a dual focus on product and graphic design. Founded by graphic designer Leyre San Miguel (Basque Country) & product designer Matthew Townsend (United States), we bring together over 20 years of combined experience in the design world as students, educators and project lead designers.

Leyre's background and expertise in communication contributes to project initiation, strategy, and marketing; while Matthew's industrial design background and experience supports the production process and technical development. The collaboration between our two creative minds results in smooth idea generation.

Our mission is clear: to create functional, timeless designs that inspire in the modern world and evolve with the times. Grounded in thorough research and strategy, our approach prioritizes thoughtful designs that transcend mere aesthetics. With a commitment to a smooth and collaborative creative journey, we work hand in hand with our clients, ensuring their needs are met with empathy and precision every step of the way.

our values

We are driven by four core values that guide everything we do.

Rational creativity

We create thoughtful designs based on research and strategy, beyond aesthetics. Every choice in our design thinking process is intentional. We always try to craft our projects with intelligence and precision, making them functional and consistent in all contexts. We take care of every detail, always thinking of better ways to make a product or brand not only more appealing, but also distinctive, efficient, and user-friendly.

Timeless trends

We believe a good design should be both inspiring in the contemporary world and enduring over time. That is why we always try to create modern, yet timeless designs. We research and take trends into account, but our designs are thought to outlive them. While we consider market tendencies, we refuse to be enslaved by them, striving instead to create designs that remain relevant and timeless.

Human centered

We are clear, straightforward and approachable, design poetry and egos aside. We create designs that meet clients' needs and impact their audiences, while also considering the perspectives of all stakeholders involved. Our designs not only excel in end user experience but are also easy to produce, with a commitment to minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. We attempt to build a smooth creative process in which everyone's voice is heard, and all needs are met with empathy and precision.

Genuinely passionate

Our passion for design fuels everything we do. We actively listen to our clients’ needs and we approach our projects with the same enthusiasm our clients do, if not more! Our sincere dedication to the individuals and businesses we collaborate with results in thoughtful and meaningful design solutions.

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the one stop global studio for design

At Leyma we partner closely with our clients in every step of the way to create personalized solutions that elevate their users’ experience. Whether you're a start-up seeking an eye-catching brand aligned with your mission or a design shop in search of a standout product to outshine competitors, Leyma is your go-to destination for all things design.

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